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Welcome to Our Featured Guest

On this page we would like to have a new featured guest to tell their journey and ideas so we created a page especially for them. Should you like to submit an item for this page please sent it to Quiet Connections Featured Guest.

Something about Yuuko:

Practicing as a registered nurse for close to 18 years in areas spanning from conception to death, acute to chronic illness, and typical to atypical development, I have had the great fortune of witnessing and participating in “advancements” in medical treatment and technology. Through my own personal experiences, I have had the great fortune of literally falling into complementary/alternative therapies through the help of Dr. Michael and Linda Allen (www.centerforlivinghealth.com). Their love and care came during a period of time when my overall health began to sharply decline. Through their suggestion, I began to receive CranioSacral Therapy. I noticed very significant changes in my resiliency and ability to heal.

In May of 2004, I began my studies through the Upledger Institute. My focus was primarily CranioSacral Therapy (CST); however it has been a rewarding experience discovering other manual therapies. I continue to be astounded with how much I did not know about health and the endless possibilities for achieving it.

I have found a blend of knowledge from my nursing and behavioral science background as a complement to what I have learned thus far through the institute. The concept I accept to be true and integral to all of my studies is we are always attempting to move towards homeostasis, balance, peace, and there are many ways to move toward that centered place.

CST is a light-touch approach that focuses on the central nervous system and its relationship to the entire body. By decreasing stress and tension placed on the central nervous system, CST assists in allowing the body to relax and self-correct. These changes enhance movement towards physical, mental and spiritual balance thereby creating optimal possibilities in achieving a higher state of health. It is an approach that is directed by the client and their body’s inherent ability to heal.

CST is the most profound way for providing opportunities to achieve my authentic self. Meaning, I continue to feel more congruent within my body, mind and spirit. Integrating CST with other practices such as Yoga, acupuncture, herbs, lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation and Reiki is a way for me to restore and continue to grow consciously as a person, parent, nurse, and community member.

I am grateful that I am able to offer CST, lymphatic drainage, and Reiki to children and adults as well as be a recipient of gentle holistic approaches to enhance my health.
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May your “Connections be Quietly” meaningful and profound,
Quiet Connections
Yuuko Mabrey Feletto, RN

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